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Animation Demo Reel

2D and 3D Animation by Grace Henry

I have a passion for 2D animation and have many years of experience under my belt. I primarily work in Clip Studio Paint, but am comfortable with other industry tools such as Adobe Animate and OpenToonz.

Projects showcased here include:

-Under the Table Intro Animation - Collaboration with Jamey Dunn

-Picnic with a Horse 3D Animations - Personal VR Project

-2D Game Assets - Flash Game Project Asset Loops

-The Empty Space in an Atom - 2D Educational Animation with Jamey Dunn, Tavi Kohn, Spencer Newbolt, and Emily Hawke

Showcased Projects

Under the Table Full Intro Animation

Animated Intro for Under the Table, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign hosted on YouTube. Characters showcased are members of UTT and creations of their respective players and Dungeon Master.

Roles Assumed: Animatic Assembly, Primary Animator, Colorist, Lighting/Polishing

Collaboration with Jamey Dunn: Composer, Storyboard Artist, Animatic Assembly, Secondary Animator, Line Artist

Picnic with a Horse Showcase

Picnic with a Horse was a VR experience developed in Unity meant to showcase 3D asset creation and environmental art. All assets showcased are originally developed by me.

The Empty Space in an Atom

A 2D educational animation created in Adobe Flash meant to showcase a scientific concept through a familiar medium. 

Additional Animators include: Jamey Dunn, Tavi Kohn, Spencer Newbolt, and Emily Hawke

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